Geodesic Greenhouse Newsletter Goes Live

Geodesic Greenhouse Newsletter Goes Live!


You Don’t Have To Bend Over Backward to Read This Newsletter


In fact I have decided to turn the whole newsletter thing on its head. Instead of a newsletter I will be posting super tight tips. Sort of like biodome tweets on steroids! They will take a few seconds to read. They may have a link or two to content, ideas or products that I have found helpful when it comes to building your own backyard biodome.

Speaking of DIY… when you subscribe to the newsletter below you will be able to download a free geodesic dome plan, just for signing up!

goedesic greenhouse special report

It will show you how to make a super simple dome in a weekend with basic hand tools that most people have or can borrow from a friend.

If you are serious about building a bigger biodome greenhouse like the 25′ Kruschke 3V greenhouse I just finished, you should really build a small one first.

It will build your confidence and give you a sense of whether you are “cut out” for the whole dome building thing. Why do I suggest that? Because the last thing I want is for you to download a biodome building book and then not use it!

So what kind of geodesic tips will you find in the newsletter? Currently I am researching using a rocket mass heater to supply supplemental heat to the greenhouse dome in cooler weather. So with that as a main project then you might receive a number of tips regarding building, using and maintaining rocket mass heaters. But, then when that project is finished we might talk about venting, solar mass or aquaponics.

In fact I will try and share whatever experience I gain as I go along so even if you choose not to build your own dome at least you can gain from my experience and hopefully not repeat my mistakes!

However at the end of the day if you are going to really benefit from the Biodome Briefs newsletter it is recommended that you have some kind of greenhouse to “follow along” with. Because when you read something then actually go out and use it in your own dome hothouse your appreciation will go up dramatically.

Another reason to subscribe to the email dome newsletter is to keep up to date on changes in technology and methods of building domes. For example Kacper and I developed a new hub system that combines the best things about conduit domes with the beauty and low cost of wooden domes. In fact our new hub system came in at less than $7.00 per hub! Once you start researching building your own dome you will soon find out what a great deal that is. Even if you have to supply a bit more labor.

So there you have it, a couple of reasons to subscribe to our brand new newsletter and keep up to date on developments to do with greenhouse growing, alternative building but most specifically the ins and outs of building your own geodesic greenhouse! So you too can eat well all year round while enjoying the looks on your friends face when you tell them you “built it yourself”.

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