How the 1% Camp Out or the Worlds Fanciest Geodesic Greenhouse!

Geodesic Tent or Amazing Greenhouse?

The amazing German geodome engineers from ZenDome have created a full line of bespoke custom geodesic structures for your every day back yard camp out of a full blown season of caviar and Champaign doing penguin research at the South Pole!











Or if you are more the summer season camper or maybe you just want to have your prize orchid collection well displayed in your backyard geodome greenhouse, well then, look no further than this masterpiece of organic dome design.















Like so many things if you have to ask how much they cost, you know the rest. But, if having the absolute most stunning geodesic tent in the pristine alpine meadow is a, cost no object experience, then you may have found your new best friend!

I have talked about these geodomes in the past, but I guess I just can’t get enough of the look. So polished, so… sexy! Makes me want to go camping with my orchid collection too!

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