How To Build A Geodesic Dome Model

Build Your Own Geodesic Dome Model

Need more proof before you build your own geodesic greenhouse dome?

Well, be like an architect; build a model! It’s easy. It’s fun! And it will train your brain to be ready for your big geo dome greenhouse project.

So grab a bunch of newspaper (at least 70 same sized sheets) some tape, scissors and a small tape measure and lets get started!

Remember any geodesic dome is formed by joining multiple triangles together it doesn’t matter what size the dome ends up, the same principles still apply.

How To Actually Build Your Own Geodesic Dome – Out of Newspapers!

1. Start with a single sheet of newspaper and roll into a tight tube starting from one corner. Use tape to hold it together. Repeat until you have 65 tubes.

2. Next,sort the tubes into two piles to make 35 long tubes and 30 short tubes.

3. Make the long tubes: Cut off both ends of a tube until it is 14 inches long. Use this tube as a template to create 34 more long tubes (mark as you go!).

4. Make the short tubes: Cut off both ends of a new tube until it is 13 inches long. Use this tube as a model to create 29 more tubes of the same length (mark as you go!).

Constructing Your Dome Model

1. Fasten 10 long tubes together with tape to make the base of the dome.

2. Attach a long and a short to tube to each joint. Make sure that there are two longs next to each other, followed by two shorts, and so on, as shown.

3. Connect the tops of two adjacent shorts together to make triangles. Repeat with the long tubes.

4. Use short tubes to join the tops of the triangles notice the dome is starting to curve?

5. At each point where four tubes join, tape another short element sticking straight up. Connect these short pieces to the joints on either side with longs, forming the next row of triangles.

6. Connect the tops of these new triangles with a row of longs.

7. Finally, insert the last five shorts legs so that they meet at a single point in the center of the dome.

And there you have it!

Easy fast and simple. Wait a bit! That’s how it works with big domes too!

Now you are ready to graduate to your big out door geo dome or a back patio size play geodesic dome for the kids or cats or birds.

Have fun! Next week I will tell you the amazing story of my good friend Kacper and his geodesic dome plans! Hint: He had no experience, almost no money and it still looks fantastic! Or if you are impatient like me you can Visit Right Now!

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  2. Caitlyn Edwards says:

    OMG!!! This so helped w/ my project!!! Thanks a bunch! 😉 :P!!!

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