Summer Biodome Micro-Greens!

Summer Biodome Micro-Greens

You have heard about the people who died in Germany last year from eating tainted sprouts? No? Well it was a sad thing. As many people became very ill and a couple of older people actually passed away after eating commercially grown sprouts contaminated with E-Coli bacteria. Now if you do your own sprouts or have a strong immune system you would most likely be fine BUT…

Just to be on the safe side I thought I would spread the word about an amazing almost unknown, geodesic greenhouse crop that packs an crazy amount of nutrition into a tiny but super tasty package. This wonder food is most often referred to as micro-greens and consists of the seedlings of various leafy vegetables and greens which are harvested just after they grow their first true leaves. Unlike conventional sprouts which are grown in water, micro-greens are grown in specially prepared organic soil. Because they are the youngest and most vibrant portion of the plant they are both colorful and flavorful as well as being packed with vital nutrients.

Micro-greens make a great garnish for any kind of dish or as a wonderfully alkaline stand-alone salad, and because they are so cute they are a big hit with picky eaters and kids too. Here are some different types of veggies that you can grow as micro-greens in your geodesic biodome greenhouse this summer.

China Rose Radish: Strong peppery taste.

Purple Radish:
Mild radish flavor.
Black Radish:
Mild radish flavor.
Purple Kohlrabi:
Mild cabbage taste.
White Kohlrabi:
Mild cabbage flavor.
Red Cabbage:
Mild cabbage flavor.
White Cabbage:
Mild cabbage flavor.
Distinct arugula flavor.
Red Kale:
Very mild kale flavor.
Pak Choi:
Mild fresh flavor.
Light crisp flavor.

So there you have it, a simple, fast growing nutritious green that takes minimal water, care and can be added to meals, juiced or become a whole salad.

These greens work especially well with the longer days of summer here in the northern hemisphere, but they will grow all year round even in very low light conditions. The micro-greens, like sprouts, are mostly growing out of the energy in the seed so can be grown in almost pure sand with a bit of compost tea.

Also because micro greens grow so fast and take up such a small amount of space there is no weeding, almost no watering, no pruning, tying or even worrying about most pests. They can be grown in trays or racks in a vertical orientation thus allowing for “crop rotation” and allowing you to grow even more amazing, nutrient dense, live food in your  biodome greenhouse.

So even if you have been procrastinating, check out the eden biodome book review, grab the easy to follow eBook, build a small PVC 3V geo-dome and start feeding yourself and your friends and family starting this summer! It’s not to late to have those greens come rolling in even if you are planting in mid August.

Good luck and let the rest of us know how your summer biodome micro-greens garden works out!

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  3. antjecobbett says:

    Hi, Sasha!

    I’ve downloaded your biodome ebook and it’s great! I’ve already started making it and it seems it’s not too difficult for a woman either to construct it! We already live on a small organic homestead in the Spanish mountains, but the strong winds were often destroying our crops. So I thought to build a geodesic dome (or more!) while hubby is working!

    We have quite a lot of 1/2″ tubing that is used here for irrigation and it’s quite strong. I’ll make the hubs from perforated galvanized tape which is very cheap here and quite strong, too. Plastic cover we have plenty available, so finally our biodome comes within reach! Easy instructions and almost no material costs!

    The first thing I will plant is indeed the micro-greens which I’ve been growing before but out in the open and either the Spanish sun or the wind did most of them in, so this is definitely the solution to getting some healthy grub fast!

    Thank you for being there and thank you for investigating and testing and writing about how we can all look into the future with more and more confidence!

    Greetings from sunny Spain!


    • admin says:


      Great stuff!

      Thank you for your feedback! We are doing similar things up here in Canada and having a drought too so I feel your pain when plants dry up and die.

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