Why Build Your Own Geodome?

Well… you could go and buy one of these…

Small Size Zen Dome (Accessories not included!)

Its an amazing pre-made geodesic dome from www.zendomes.com but, and its a big but for most of us, is you would pay 8,925.00 Euros ($12,648.08 US) not including shipping! So there is a strong case for building your own geodesic greenhouse because, not only do you control all aspects of the building but you can work at a pace that your budget can support!

My friend Kacper build the majority of his 40ft dome for under $500! So, just because you don’t have the cash for a beautiful, European, custom made geodome don’t let that hold you back!

Happy building!

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2 Responses to Why Build Your Own Geodome?

  1. Dean Milliken says:

    For a 40′ dome what is the height at the center?

    • admin says:

      Hi dean,

      About 25′ ft off the ground to the top of the dome on the one Kacper built.

      Part of it will depend on how much foundation you put under it.


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