School Children Create Amazing Geodesic Biodome Greenhouse

School Children Create Amazing Geodesic Biodome Greenhouse







By Norma Engelberg | Originally from The Pikes Peak Courier View Reprinted with Permission

Three years in the making, the Cripple Creek-Victor School District greenhouse at Cresson Elementary School is ready for planting.

On the theory that kids are more likely to eat vegetables they’ve grown themselves, the geodesic dome greenhouse is the result of a student wellness grant from the Colorado Department of Education and a grant administered through the Community Partnership Family Resource Center in Divide.

Cripple Creek School District wellness coordinator Bill Trethewey said that at 9,494 feet in elevation, the dome is the highest school-based greenhouse in Colorado and perhaps in the country.


My Thoughts: The biodome was professionally installed after the children and teachers came up with the design parameters. Now fully functional the geodesic greenhouse is the pride of the school and produces amazing greens and veggies for the school cafeteria.

The interesting thing is that when the students are involved with the design of the biodome hothouse, the running of the greenhouse systems, as well as the choice of what to plant; they actually eat the green produce that comes out of the geodesic greenhouse! Go figure. This geodome is now officially a success and produces produce at over 9,000 ft of elevation!

So, what are YOU waiting for? Contact me with your top questions about DIY geodesic greenhouses and I will either answer or find the answer because I have a mission: Get everyone eating good organic food while reducing their dependence on the fossil fuel funded agribiz we call “produce”.

Which inevitably leads me to thoughts of fossil fuels, global climate change and food security, which after home security is top of my mind as important to any well prepared citizen. So, if you haven’t watched my friend Kacper’s web presentation about how building a biodome can not only save your family tons of money each year but can actually save your butt if things get gnarly out there.

And don’t think it can’t happen. Here in Vancouver BC Canada we have approximately 2 days worth of food on hand, so if the I5 freeway up from California and the ports started shutting down we would see hoarding and looting in very short order. Makes me shudder I can tell you.

Anyway sorry to go out on a bit of a sour note but the realities of this world sometimes get to me and I feel like I have to do something even if its just a blog post. If there is one more dome greenhouse grower out there then as the immortal Dylan said, “…I would not feel so all alone.” (The rest of the song doesn’t apply though!)



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    For more information on the Growing Dome Kit purchased and built by this school visit

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