The EasyDome System: A DIY Biodome Geodesic Greenhouse Manual

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…and it’s so simple you will be amazed you didn’t think of it yourself.




EasyDome Geodesic Biodome Greenhouse

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….

I met an amazing fellow by the name of Kacper Postawski. We were at a financial seminar, Kacper was in his twenties at the time and stood up in front of 1200 people and said, “I am financially free (more passive income than expenses). Now what should I do?” Needless to say this got my attention! And now you must be wondering what this has to do with Biodome Geodesic Greenhouses. Well, every good story starts somewhere and the EasyDome story starts with meeting Kacper.

A Strange Fellow

After the seminar ended we became friends and had many adventures and misadventures. One of the strangest ended with Kacper living in one of the ritziest parts of Vancouver Canada in a 10,000 square foot haunted mansion telling me he was building a geodesic greenhouse in his back yard! I rolled my eyes and said, “Sounds great! Tell me when its done!” But damned if he didn’t do the research, decide on the design, buy the materials and actually build a 40′ all wooden biodome beside the mansion! You could have knocked me over with a bean sprout, I was that surprised! That’s when things got really interesting!

First of all there was a 9.9 scale earthquake off the coast of Japan, second of all there was a huge tsunami that swamped the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and caused it to go critical. Yikes! As the seawater hit the fuel rods it literally got “ripped apart” and the released hydrogen then blew the whole thing to bits. This was bad but what was really bad was the release of plumes of toxic radioactive crap into the atmosphere. The authorities said, “No problem. Nothing to worry about.” but Kacper isn’t someone who believes everything the government tells him.

He Built a 40ft Dome Frame for Under $500 geodesic_greenhouse

And after having the local building code enforcement officer come and tell him he had to take down the biodome frame he had just finished building (the neighbors complained), he said, “Screw this. I’m moving to Ecuador.” so he packed up his family, sold all his dome and left!

Meanwhile, because he was in touch with many people online he (after some convincing) decided to share his experiences for building your own geodesic biodome greenhouse. That was great and people were happy with the eBook except that because he never had a chance to finish his dome there were a few details that hadn’t made it into the book. After receiving several emails pointing this out he pulled the book of the market and went back to raising his daughter and forgot all about it.

A few months later…

We were chatting on the phone and after I asked him about domes he said, “Hey, why don’t you build a new dome, film the whole thing and we will bring the book back better than ever?” I gave it a few seconds thought and having a few weekends free I said, “Lets do it!”

So we did!

And during the process came up with a brand new, hybrid hub system that reduces the cost of each hub by 300-400% and allows anyone with BASIC hand tool skills the ability to build 4, 5 and 6 way hubs at and construct a super strong, super cool, super duper biodome geodesic greenhouse at home.

The EasyDome Comes To Life

With Kacper’s support I built the dome you see below in about a month. The hub system worked awesome and the dome went together like a charm. There is nothing quite so amazing as the feeling of dropping the last fastener into place and feeling the whole dome frame become TOTALLY rigid in one second.

The whole process was a blast!

eden biodome revolution reloaded

So, grab the eBook right now. Collect some basic tools and start building! You can have an amazing biodome greenhouse pumping out food for you and your family in under a month from today. easydome cover 3d

Need more information? No problem. First lets look at the dome itself.

Why a biodome?

1. Biodomes are Super Strong. Say Goodbye to Worry About Snow and Wind

A properly build geodesic greenhouse can withstand hurricane force winds. In fact when the US Government wanted to build a cover for a sensitive radar installation in the worlds harshest climate they used a geodesic structure. This facility routinely withstands winds of over a 100 miles per hour and temperatures as low as minus 140 degrees! The highest wind speed recorded to date is 199 mph! Imagine your house in those conditions. I know my place would be gone in a few minutes, but there is a good chance the greenhouse would still be standing and ready to produce food for my family.

2. Geodesic Greenhouses are Super Big Inside. Never Feel Hemmed In Again

In fact the sphere is the easiest way to create huge unsupported indoor spaces without a whole lot of engineers becoming involved. The dome I built is 25ft across inside and totally clear of supports. And the roof is over 16ft without any beams, trusses or posts getting in the way. Here in Canada the building code says you have to a support every 8 ft unless you have an engineer or an architect involved. So the feeling when you go inside a geodesic dome is amazing. It feels so open. So airy and almost spiritual inside.

3. Domes are Efficient. Saves You Money and Time

Geodesic structures are some of the most efficient spaces you can build. On my 25ft dome there are no struts (connectors) longer than 4-1/2 feet long and yet the building is huge.  A dome can be built fast by with basic tools by almost anyone with NO SPECIAL SKILLS.

4. Biodomes are Easy to Heat. You Can Grow More and Spend Less

Because they are so efficient, with some solar mass inside, decent insulation and a small heater you can keep your inside temperature well above freezing when the mercury is plunging right outside. There is nothing like opening the door to your own personal oasis when it is snowing and freezing outside. The plants are growing, the air is warm, there are good things to eat and right out side it is cold, dead and brown.

5. Geodesic Greenhouses are Amazing. They Feel Great and Uplift the Spirit

When Buckminster Fuller figured out the math on domes he realized that by using the spherical shape he could reduce the cost, weight and size of the individual connector pieces. Think about Epcott Center, The Biodome Project in Montreal or the Eden Dome project in Britain and you can’t help but be awed by the sheer beauty of the repeating triangle shapes and the organic flow of these amazing dome structures.

6. EasyDomes are Fast to Build

With basic hand tools, a good manual and a helper for a couple of parts of the build you can assemble an  EasyDome frame in 1 day. The whole thing from ordering your materials to planting your first crop can be done in less than a month! You can be growing your own amazing, organic food for you, your family and to sell in less time than you can believe.

7. Biodomes are Cost Effective. So You Keep More Money in Your Wallet

A 25ft dome frame can be build with basic materials from Home Depot for less than a grand and the whole dome with foundation, cover, door, windows, vents, a floor and heat for less than a decent used car.

8. Geodesic Greenhouses are FUN. Who doesn’t want to have more fun?

Lots of playgrounds have geodesic climbing structures in them and when you are building your dome you are building a giant jungle gym! If you are up for it you can have a ball climbing all over your dome frame while you are building it. Its totally strong enough and its a blast!

Or you can just hang a swing or a hammock inside, grab your favorite relaxing beverage and just relax in the incredibly peaceful feeling space. Either way the dome is a fun space to build and to be in. Just watch the reaction of your friends and family as they come inside. There is something magic about the way the spherical space affects people. Even pets love it!

9. Domes are Great for Growing Food. Less Time Growing = More Time Eating

There are many types of greenhouses on the market and they all work to some degree but when it comes down to growing hundreds of pounds of amazing, organic, fruits, veggies and sprouts the dome shape is way ahead of the rest. The clear open space allows for multiple levels of planters with good light penetration while the use of vertical gardens can increase the yield on a small area 500% or more. If you add a aquaponic system you can even grow protein in your biodome greenhouse.

10. Geodesic Hothouses are Great for Your Budget and Your Health

First they are cheap to build, then once you have your back yard food factory up and running you can literally save thousands per year in food. Vegetables are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. They fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as tasting great. You can plant today and be eating micro greens in less than 20 days.

11. Biodomes are Good for the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Everyone says we have to take action to slow down global climate change but most of us are paralyzed by doubts about what to actually do. When you grow some or all of your own greens in your EasyDome biodome greenhouse you not only save money you save tons of CO2 every year by not shipping food from far away in giant diesel semi trucks. In fact American food travels an average of 1,500 to 2,500 miles from farm to table, reports the Worldwatch Institute. Even reducing your food miles by a few thousand per year HAS AN IMPACT.

12. Geodesic Domes Will Make You Friends and Make You Feel Great Too

First when you give people fresh produce you grew yourself. But more importantly when you join up with other greenhouse enthusiasts you will be part of a new social group and will make friends, trade stories and share tips and tricks. This social activity around food production is some of the most rewarding time you can have in your life. Compared to driving to a job you hate, to spend time with people who “just don’t get it” only to drive home again, being around greenhouse friends is literally a life saver.

14. Having Your Own Backyard Biodome is Good Insurance

With every year being “record breaking” for heat, drought, rain, storms, hurricanes, floods and other “natural” disasters having the ability to feed yourself and your family is the only real insurance you can’t afford not to have. When the shit hits the fan and you are up against the wall, having your own source of food may be the difference between living well and being on the street in a box.

15. EasyDomes Can be Built for “Nothing”

Even if you don’t have a single extra dime you can build an EasyDome backyard food factory. Yes it will take you longer to salvage the materials but it can be done for $0.00 if you are creative and willing to work hard. The main part is 2×4’s but because they are all short you can find them for free in the free section of or ask at your local construction site if you can salvage from the “off cuts” pile.

Bolts and other fasteners can be found at your local recycling center (hang around and talk to people who are dropping stuff off) or in the free section. Same with plastic, stain, and other things you need to make a dome. Tools can be borrowed or found on as well. It will take longer, it will be more challenging but it can be done and it IS REWARDING.

16. Building Something Cool Makes You a Leader and Feel Important

If you engage with friends, neighbors and schools you will soon become a locally known expert in food growing, building and environmental stewardship. Of course you could hide in the hills and grow food for only yourself but you will have more fun if you share your skills with others. Plus they will think you are an upstanding community member.

17. In an Emergency You Can Live in Your EasyDome Greenhouse

Who knows what will happen in the future but there are enough fires, disasters, break-ups, and other unexpected circumstances that having a warm, open, welcoming space to camp for a while is another “ace in the hole” I am sure happy to have in my hand.

18. EasyDomes are Good for Entertaining. Eat or Play Which is Better?

On our 18 acre permaculture organic co-operative farm we use the dome for meetings. It is central, uncluttered and fresh inside so its a great place to meet. Depending on the size of your dome you can have a party, a dance or a slumber party for the kids and if you have a BBQ planned and it starts to rain you can always move into the dome!

19. Geodesic Domes are Futuristic. Who Doesn’t Want to be Cool?

Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller wowed the world with his sci-fi looking domes back in the day and they still have that WOW factor today. Not many things that are more than 50 years old can still get people’s attention and make them stop and take notice in these days of pads, pods and iEverythings.

20. EasyDome Greenhouses Make it Easy to Give. And Giving Feels Great

We all know we should help those around us who are not so fortunate but how? Having an EasyDome backyard food factory makes it easy. Just give people fresh, organic, amazing food! Fresh food is the number one choice at food banks, and the single biggest thing missing from most poor people’s diets. Give fresh food and get amazing feelings of contentment and thankfulness.

21. It’s Not Just a Greenhouse. Dry Covered Space is Valuable in the Rain

Most people buy my book to build a geodesic biodome greenhouse but you can make it with plywood, windows, insulation and live in it. Or cover the whole thing with heavy cement stucco and not even have to move into your storm shelter when the next “super storm” or twister blows by. Because you are already there! Or think how great it would be to have an above ground pool hiding in your dome! Can you say popular on a cool fall day when everyone else has packed up the pool for the season?

22. EasyDomes are Simple to Assemble. And Easy Saves You Time and Money

With a ladder and some basic tools you can put your EasyDome frame together in a day and take it down in about the same time if you need to move.

23. Your EasyDome Greenhouse Can Make You Tons of Money

Food culture is growing stronger every year. People are demanding fresh, organic, locally grown produce. In fact various people have calculated thay using vertical gardens and aquaculture an industrious person can grow between $50,000-$500,000/per acre under greenhouse production. Obviously you won’t see numbers like that with a single dome greenhouse but you can easily make a few thousand a year and pay for your dome by selling spring mix, micro-greens and other high end produce to local restaurants, farmers markets and even trade with friends and neighbors.

24. No Complicated Cutting Required

The EasyDome system is specially thought out to be easy to assemble, fast and straight forward. There are NO compound cuts when doing the struts so you don’t need a $600 compound miter saw, or to do wild gymnastics with each strut to make it all work. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, measure, cut, drill and assemble.

But can I actually build one?


If you can drive a car, fold laundry, hang a picture, paint a wall with a ladder and carry two bags of groceries you can build your own EasyDome geodesic backyard food factory.

easydome cover 3d

But don’t take my word for it. . . Listen to what others have said about the geodesic greenhouse love.

  • I love it!!!  ~RK Arkansas
  • Why didn’t I build one of these years ago? I have so much veggies I have to give them away ~ TC Idaho
  • We build our biodome and are now feeling way less freaked out about climate change and other disasters on the horizon. Its great to feel secure. ~MK BC Canada

Do I need a permit?

That depends on where you live. If you are urban you might have to build two smaller domes to keep the “foot print” under a certain lower limit. Check with your local city planning office. If you are out in the country you can probably just go for it but don’t get too crazy with your foundation unless you are sure you will be keeping your dome there for a while.

Is it hard to build?

It will be easier for some than for others but the feeling of accomplishment and pride you will feel when you look at the giant dome you built with your very own hands you will say, “That was easier than I expected.” And no one who as applied themselves has failed to build an EasyDome.

Are domes safe?

Yes. The EasyDome hub system was designed by a master builder with 47 years in the industry to be simple, foolproof and SUPER STRONG. If you follow the simple step-by-step instructions you will have a very strong, safe and beautiful dome greenhouse.

But how much do they cost?

For a basic 12′ EasyDome greenhouse you can do it for a few hundred bucks. For a 30′ dome with all the “bells and whistles” you will need to invest a few grand. However every dollar you invest in growing food comes back with 300% return on investment (ROI) in food savings. Try to get that kind of performance at the bank. In fact the Remodelling Industry gives a greenhouse renovation a 56% ROI. In small scale greenhouse systems being tested in Africa the return on investment of the greenhouse is typically two crop cycles. So in less than a year with some creativity you can pay off your EasyDome and be making money.

How long do they last?

The more time you invest in the building phase the longer your greenhouse will last. Especially in areas with termites! Be super careful and take the extra time. Domes generally last 20-30 years if well taken care of. If you live in a dry climate then they will last almost for ever (the cover will need to be changed a few times unless you use glass).

What else do I need to grow food?

Depending on your local climate you may need heating or cooling, or ventilation at some times of year. Otherwise water, soil or nutrients, compost, seeds and time are all that are needed to start production in your EasyDome biodome greenhouse.

OK I’m excited! Now how do I get started?

That is the easiest part of all. CLICK the DOWNLOAD NOW link right now, enter your credit card or PayPal information and in a few minutes you will be reading the fully illustrated EasyDome Construction Manual in eBook format on your tablet, phone or computer in PDF format.

That sounds straight forward but what if I don’t like the eBook?

If you don’t like the book for ANY REASON you simply ask for a refund and ClickBank will issue it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You have 60 full days to review the eBook and if you still don’t think its right for you simple ask for a refund and your money will be back to you within 24hrs. I guarantee it.  

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the largest online marketplace for information and digital products in the world. They sell hundreds of thousand digital products, and it fill over 7,000,000 orders per year. All products ordered through ClickBank are covered by the no questions asked return policy and have full dispute resolution mechanisms in place. I work hard to insure that everyone who orders my eBook through ClickBank is 110% satisfied so email me first and I will personally assist you. But if you want a refund that part happens automatically.

Who are you anyway and why should I listen to you?

I have been in construction for 40 years, I am a father of three lovely children (when they aren’t being brats!), I am a husband to my wonderful wife Amy, I am an officer with our local fire department, I am a builder, excavator operator, event promoter, submarine technician, professional mountain bike rider and a few other odds and ends. I live with my family and our cat on the 18 acre permaculture farm that my parents pioneered from the raw bush starting in 1968 on a small island near Vancouver, Canada.

I have been working with tools for 40 years and love building, trying new things and helping people get great results with their projects. I have built a number of houses, sheds, barns, commercial buildings and now geodesic domes. Currently I am building a 900 square foot off grid, timber-frame, earth sheltered cabin for our rapidly expanding family. Oh yeah and my father is a master gardener with 60 years experience with cultivating, planting, pruning and otherwise getting plants to do things no one else could expect. Lemons in January north of Seattle anyone?

Other vendors have bonuses, why don’t I.

Well actually I do! I just don’t beat you on the head with them. Order the book and you will also get Walipini plans to build a $300 earth sheltered survival greenhouse, plus biogas plans, earth building plans, in fact my whole personal library of alternative building PDFs. This priceless resource is INCLUDED when you download your copy of the EasyDome DIY Dome Manual

So there you have it.

Now the question is; are you one who sits on the sidelines OR are you someone who takes action? I think you are the latter or you wouldn’t be reading this far down the page. Go ahead. DO IT! Download the eBook. There is no risk to you and within a few minutes you will be holding the blueprint to food, financial, personal satisfaction and family security in these rather turbulent times. And because I want you to be happy. I will also throw open the doors to my vault of alternative building resources and give you the entire collected volumes at no extra charge!

This carefully curated collection runs the gamut of resources for those who know that the only true security is doing it yourself. Download the eBook from this link right now. Read it. Ask any questions on the blog or to my direct email then start building! As the man said when asked, “When is the best time to build a greenhouse?” The answer: “TEN YEARS AGO!”

But how much does it cost?

Less than dinner at McDonalds for 3 people. Or if you don’t do accounting in hamburgers $37.00

easydome cover 3d


How do I read it after I download it?

It’s an Adobe PDF file so use any PDF reader and enjoy!

Can I read it on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes! It will be more challenging but on a tablet you can have the eBook on the jobsite to refer to as you build your dream dome.

How is the EasyDome eBook delivered?

By instant download. Simply right click on the DOWNLOAD link and “SAVE to your Desktop or Documents”

What if I have a problem or a question?

Use the CONTACT US page at the top or email So go ahead and take the eBook for a spin, build a dome and get your food, future and family on solid ground. Thanks! Sasha    

My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the book for ANY REASON? Click “refund” and ClickBank issues it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED and there is nothing I can do to stop it. You have 60 full days to review the eBook and if you still don’t think its right for I will refund your money back to you within 24hrs. Guaranteed.

YES, I Want My EasyDome eBook, Manual and Membership

Right Now For Only $37!



P.S. Order the darn book! You won’t be sorry.

(HINT: You can always send it back!)

Sasha LeBaron Biodome Builder


21 Responses to The EasyDome System: A DIY Biodome Geodesic Greenhouse Manual

  1. william turner says:

    can you posiibly e-mail me that e-book on the biodome? I will pay you in the near future, I am planning a garden and need details on your e-book biodome it would be greatly appreciated. my grand children would like to see me and them build a biodome

    • admin says:

      Hi William,

      Click on the “Recommended Reading” book on the right hand side. Scroll to the bottom and click “Download Now” and you will be able to access the book right away even if it is 01:00 in the morning!

  2. Candace says:


    I am so fascinated by and interested in building a geodesic greenhouse and I would love to grow food year round. My one concern is that I live in Winnipeg…I believe you live in Canada so you probably are aware of Winnipegs’ reputation. If not we can get to -45 Celsius, actually minus 53 a few years back. Anyway, is doing this in Winnipeg a pipe dream or are there things that can be done to make it work? 

    Thanks so much!


    • admin says:

      Hi Candace,

      Where there is a will there is a way. They have geodesic domes in Antarctica so Winnipeg shouldn’t be too hard. It will cost more of course. Look at berming the north side, setting it into the ground, using triple or quadruple glazing, passive heat storage and solar gain.

  3. Kalaya says:

    I just downloaded your ebook. Looks good and useful. However, is there a separate download link for the free bonuses you mention above?

    Thank you!

  4. bob graaf says:

    I bought the original ebook for your dome and built a 30ft dia. dome. I love it and am planning on building a 50ft, dia. dome in the future. Is the hub system as strong as the original one. Also, is it possible for me to get the new plans at a discount since I have the original ebook? Thanks. Bob Graaf

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob,

      Great stuff! Send more pictures! A 50ft dome would need heavier material and special tools (Genie lift or a lot of scaffolding) as it would be over 30ft high inside.

  5. Mr John Pritchrd says:

    Dear Sir.

    Please can tell me how much a 15′ geodesic dome green house will cost to the UK

    Thank you John.

  6. Neil says:

    Hello, forgive me if I have missed something but is the manual all that is needed and offered from you? i.e. the hubs/connectors and struts are sourced locally once we have the know how and specifications? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Neil,

      Yes that is correct. We offer a complete building manual, geodesic dome calculator and other resources. The actual materials used to build your dome are sourced locally according to specifications found in the manual.

  7. We are interested in building biodome. Is there videos or pictures? How do figure the length of the connecting 2×4,? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Annemarie,

      Glad you are interested in building geodesic biodomes! The manual has all the high resolution images needed to construct your own biodome greenhouse. All the lengths are explained in the manual and calculated for you automatically by a special calculator that we show you how to use.


    Please,write a book on biodomes built in sprayed papercrete and waterproofed with fibreglass or whatever else. These to house the fish and be homes of flatpockets but handy ones like this one. Hi.

    • admin says:

      Hi Abyslo,

      I built my house with papercrete using it as an infill. If I was going to do a papercrete dome I would do a steel frame then cover it with upcycled wire of some kind then chickenwire then blob on the papercrete and spray the whole thing with Calcium Stearate for waterproofing. My dad did a small all papercrete dome over a willow branch frame and its been outdoors in 6+ feet of rainfall for 7 years and its fine.

  9. maggie says:

    how do i actually buy a biodome. where can i do that? does anyone have a link to somewhere i could buy a costumized biodome for my cacao tree? If yes please comment back! thanks everyone for your help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Maggie,

      Are you looking to buy a biodome kit? Or plans? When you say customized what do you mean. Certain size? Certain height? Venting?


  10. Reina says:

    I was in the biodome today and I’m so amazed. The cucumbers, peppers and zucchini are so productive… months ahead of anything in the gardens. I can’t wait to see the next phase of integrating systems. Food intensive, indeed!

  11. Mark G says:

    Is your website still active? I only ask because I cannot sign up for your newsletter. I receive a strange error message. So before I order you manual I want to make sure there is still an active human behind this website that will support my purchase.

  12. admin says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the heads up on the newsletter! I’m still here just raising twins, building an addition for my parents, running several businesses and trying to keep the farm going keeps me a bit busy! Check out the eBook if it isn’t a good fit for you you have a full 100% refund policy via ClickBank to fall back on.

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