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Picking grapes in the fall.


I grew up on an organic farm on a tiny island off the west coast of Canada just North of Vancouver. I ate organic, fresh, wild and amazing food, played in the forest and generally had a great time growing up in the “country”. Then I went to the city, got all educated, worked with tiny little submarines, met my good friend Kacper, got married and moved back to the family farm with my wife Amy our new son and a cat named Boxy!







(We would like a dog too, but our 13 month old son is taking enough of time that I think we should wait a while before bringing home a puppy!)

So, now I have more work than I know what to do with, am loving being a dad, try and get out on the trails every day and best of all, our family is eating amazing food and having that sense of freedom that comes from having our own land, home, good food and clean water. Now that I have that out of the way, why blab about biodomes and greenhouses in this blog?

Well, mainly it’s cause I love to talk about dome greenhouses, biodomes, geodesic anything and other eco, green, off grid stuff, but, it is also specifically to encourage you to start working toward food freedom yourself, because the world’s situation isn’t getting any better and having healthy fresh food all year round is a major source of peace of mind!

I invite you to check out the site, comment if you like, ask questions (yes I will actually answer them), read the articles, watch the videos and definitely visit Kacper’s site to learn more about geodesic greenhouse construction through his easy to follow book.

Or if you are feeling a bit nervous about the potential for widespread social unrest, global food shortage and what you can do to prepare, then reserve a spot in the live biodome creation training event right now, on how to prepare for the potential threat caused by North American, or read more in a past post I did on Food Collapse and on How to Build Your Own Geodesic BioDome Greenhouse.

I know that some people will find even the thought of food collapse to be too much to imagine. I invite you to check out the above presentation and judge for yourself. My friend Kacper took it seriously enough to move his whole family to South America!

And my wife and I are choosing to grow more and more of our own food as well as learn about seed saving and greenhouse building. First of all because its fascinating secondly, because now that we have a young son I want to give him the best start he can get with organic, solar powered, grown with love food.

Good luck with your investigation and please feel free to Contact me or check me out on Google+ as well. Find my page by searching Google Plus for DIY Geodesic Greenhouse or head directly there via this link.

Good Luck and Good Greenhouse Growing!

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  1. Justin Wood says:

    i bought your book built my greenhouse but having problems covering it any suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Hi Justin,

      The most basic covering is UV resistant plastic made for, wait for it, covering greenhouses.

      Depending on how you build you can do one or two layers. Remember to leave one triangle free near the top to act as a vent.

      I will be experimenting with industrial shrink wrap of the type that is used for covering scaffolding during building construction and boats in transport. (at least for the non sun side).

      Kacper purshased a pretty high tech material that lets light through and is still very insulative however depending on your climate you may be able to get away with different materials. Be creative. But make sure whatever you cover the south side with that it’s UV resistant!

      Send some pictures when you get a chance.



  2. Dre says:

    Hi Sasha –

    I’m wondering if the book has any applications for pvc or similar piping instead of wood? And if so, would your connectors work with these types of pipes or would pvc fittings work?

    Thank you!


    • admin says:

      Hi Dre,

      The EasyDome System is designed to work with wood struts. There is a simple way to do a PVC pipe dome but I wouldn’t go bigger than about 16ft.

  3. Roc says:

    Hi Sasha,

    Didn’t I read in one of your emails that you were working on a video of how to build a super rocket mass heater? I have watched a few on youtube, but they don’t show the detail of the chamber that connects the flue pipes at the base of the heat chamber, that go through the cob mass. So I am eager to see your video since you detail things so well.

    Thank you for your work and research,

    Roc & Diann Ahrens

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