Survival Seed Bank: Is it Worth the Money?

Survival Seed Bank. Is it Worth the Money?


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My parents run one of the largest non-hybrid, heritage, open pollinated seed farms in B.C. We are in the top three producers for who sell all over the world but due to bureaucratic restrictions aren’t able to sell to the United States.

When I heard that, I was chuffed. Why you might ask? Well in the because of this website I get a ton of feedback from geodesic greenhouse and biodome enthusiasts from all over the world but mostly from the good ol’ USA! And lots of questions are about seeds! So when I realized that we couldn’t ship our seeds to the states because of red tape and politicians I had to do something about it.

After some searching around I found a company out of Thompson Illinois called Solutions from Science, they carry a whole range of survival, off grid, energy independence, post disaster, prepper type stuff including an amazingly compact seed storage system called the Survival Seed Bank.

The best thing about seeds is how small they are! In fact in about the same space as a 2 liter pop bottle you have enough seeds to grow an acre of nourishing, nutrient dense, organic food. Most seeds, including my parents I am sad to say, come in cardboard or paper wrappers. There is nothing wrong with this approach, as long as you are planting in a year or two but when you are planning to invest in seeds for a “rainy day” or other long term reason vacuum sealed in foil like the astronauts do is the way.

So, if you are are looking to improve your survival odds after your stored food (we aren’t die-hard preppers here on the farm, but we have on average a years food stockpiled not counting what’s growing!) then you owe it to yourself and your family to check out the Survival Seed Bank Website. Don’t let the “doom and gloom” end of the world stuff get you down!

Focus on the seeds! Buy the seeds! You only have to do it once! In this case when you order the survival seed bank you actually get a book on how to save your own seed so that you never need to buy seeds again! My parents are living proof of this. We eat non-stop amazing, veggies, fruit, lemons (from the biodome greenhouse), save seeds for next year and still sell over $20,000.00 worth of seeds each year! Nature is amazing that way. So if you work with nature/family/community, keep your soil healthy, keep your biodome greenhouse warm and have a survival seed bank hidden away in case it all goes wrong you are about as safe as you can be in these troubled economic times. Get your seeds now and keep growing!

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