Biodome Veggies are Big!

Build a Biodome, Harvest Huge Veggies!

I know you don’t have a green thumb, you can’t keep a simple house plant alive.

The beauty of a biodome greenhouse is that plants love them! The humidity, the warmth and the protection from pests and weather equal near perfect growing conditions for garden veggies.

Take a look at this amazing Cauliflower grown in a geodesic greenhouse out in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The giant you see here (a five pounder that was one of the 15 grown) was grown by the agricultural students of Roaring Fork High School.

giant biodome cauliflower








This is not unusual to see giant veggies because when they are in optimum conditions they tend to get a bit wild and grow rather larger than you might expect. Plants start bearing earlier, fruit longer and sometimes keep bearing year round. In fact the problem some people have is using up the produce that their eden biodome is producing! Even in the dead of winter!

Tomatoes are another prime candidate for your backyard dome greenhouse. Check out this tomato book for some amazing Polish tomato growing secrets. Even if you are a complete novice, having an enclosed hothouse to grow your tomatoes in will give you a huge leg up when it comes to growing, ripening and harvesting pounds and pounds of your favorite variety.

giant beefsteak tomato







And don’t get me started on zucchini! They are grow too big almost anywhere but put them in an eden biodome and you have a truly scary vegetable situation on your hands! In fact squash up to 50 lbs are not that uncommon, though most people harvest the zukes when they are small and tender. Let one grown to the truly colossal size to save seeds (as long as you don’t have any other kind of squash growing in your greenhouse as you don’ t want any cross pollination) but remember to open the doors and let the pollinators in!

giant geodesic greenhouse zucchini






And if you think building a greenhouse dome is too hard watch this quick video then when you have seen how easy it is grab the book and get growing!


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