Its Alive! Giant Greenhouse Dome Takes Shape!

OK, so you are looking for proof that just about anybody can build a geodesic greenhouse dome? Well check out these pics of my friend Kacper’s new dome that he built for under $500.oo! Holy cow! The thing is 40ft across!

Laying out the dome foundation! With a little help from friends. Look at the size of it!

The first layer of triangles takes shape. It starting to look like a geo dome now!

It takes all sizes to build a greenhouse! Think how healthy she will be with all the amazing organic, food grown right at home!

Its getting bigger and bigger so when doing this size dome scaffolding is a must!

It might not look that big but this greenhouse dome will have room for small trees! The peak of the roof is over 24ft off the ground but this structure will easily shrug off the strongest winds.
Next step: the UV resistant insulating light spreading high tech cover material!

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  1. mmc says:

    Thanks for this. Def the way to go.

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