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Springtime is Biodome Greenhouse Time!

OK Everyone! Stop Putting off Your Biodome Greenhouse! (That includes me!) I had a plan to do a geodesic mushroom greenhouse out of papercrete and then grow shitake mushrooms on alder chips, but then I got sidetracked into building a … Continue reading

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Build A Greenhouse – And Have Fresh Lemons In January

Build A Greenhouse! If my crazy hippie dad can do it anyone can. Here is the proof. A new type of double layer A-Frame greenhouse my pa has been experimenting with. Works like a hot damn for extending the growing … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Build A Geodesic Greenhouse Dome?

Can Anyone Build A Geodesic Greenhouse Dome? You have done your research, you are ready to get into growing your own good organic food because you are sick of paying ever higher costs for basic healthy food, but now you … Continue reading

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Monolithic Dome Instead of a Geodesic Greenhouse?

Could you use a monolithic dome as a greenhouse instead of a geodesic greenhouse? In a word. Sort of, maybe, depends. Monolithic Domes Explained First of all what is a monolithic dome? Monolithic domes are usually used for living in … Continue reading

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